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2risto is a social network with the tools that help expats meet their needs in different countries. We help you find like-minded people and businesses speaking your language in any country. Find real-estates to buy or sell, get a job or post a job, find your perfect restaurant or hire a plumber - you can do it all!

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Who are we?

2risto is a social network with the tools that help expats meet their needs in different countries. We help you to find like-minded people and businesses speaking your language in any country. Founded in 2020, we are proud to say that we already helped many businesses and clients reach their goals and needs.

Why using 2risto?

Living in a foreign country can be challenging, especially if English is not widely used language in those countries. Platform 2risto will make your life easier, and save your valuable time. What you really want is to find top-rated businesses or services, which are speaking your native language and have the skills and expertise to meet your needs: hotels, restaurants, boat rentals, cafes, shops, nail salon, dentals, constructions and many others.

Most of the time searching Google is time consuming, and results are filled with paid-advertisers and irrelevant results. Facebook pages are outdated and will not offer any solution - that's why with our network you can search effortlessly and find what you need in a matter of minutes.

Our unique search engine will help you find what you're looking for - and we'll always offer you those companies which are closest to you.

Solutions for Businesses

Super easy to create and update your business profile so that you can stand out, be found and get those extra clients. Use our simple dashboard to upload photos, videos, blogs and articles.

Make sure to provide what languages are spoken in your business (you can choose several languages).

On 2risto your company profile appears when locals or visitors near you are searching for business category just like yours.

Smart way to advertise your business

Attract new clients with an easy-to-set-up business profile, 2risto provides a simple and cost-effective way for Local Businesses to get more clients.

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2risto is giving you all the necessary marketing tools to boost your sales! At very affordable price you will get best value marketing, plus - stand out from competition: Collect reviews and show people that you are the number 1.

All the business profiles include a number of real-estate ads you can post, so if this applies to you - feel free to use it!

Who should use 2risto business profile? -Anyone! 

We are open to all types of businesses such as: Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery, Real Estate Agency, Travel Agency, Construction Company, Shop, Medical Clinic, Hairdresser, Nail Salon, Boat Rental, Event Planners, Photographers, Athletic Trainers

Solutions for Real-Estates

2risto is a great place to sell or buy real-estates. With big number of listings posted each day, the choices are countless - browse through until you find that perfect land, house, apartment or office.

Your chances are bigger of selling the property if you post it on our Platform - with high number of interested buyers, selling property was never easier.

Oh, yes.. How do you like 0% commission and direct buyer-seller contact? -That's what our website is all about - connecting the right people.

But what if you're a busy person, and you don't have time to deal with all of this? We have a solution for you as well!

"2risto Real Estate" Agency 

We operate within 2risto platform and we offer services such as finding a perfect property for you to buy, or offering your property to big number of potential buyers.

Enjoy low commission and professionality of our real-estate team, and get the best deals you can on the market!